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The Apex Management Group is a global logistics operation offering complete supply chain solutions for B2B & B2C markets. Apex handles all aspects of logistics, including order fulfillment, retail distribution, warehousing, and pick & pack services. We service a wide array of sectors including but not limited to healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fashion, home goods, industrial supplies and automotive. We have our own fleet of vehicles and we are firmly established as a provider of excellence.

B2B Services

Our global network and the full-service team will handle all of your logistic needs.


Exceptional service delivered across the world.
Transport Optimization
Proven Experience

Supply Chain Efficiency

Since 2009 we have partnered with manufacturers as a seamless extension of their operation. This has allowed our clients to grow with minimal risk while maintaining the highest of standards. We have flexible resources and equipped with innovative technology to bring you the ultimate in supply-chain efficiency.

When it comes to choosing a logistics partner, industry-specific knowledge, technology, scale and scope of services are all important considerations. Apex has experience in providing safe, efficient contract logistics for B2B and B2C goods: apparel, cosmetics, consumer electronics, food and beverages, appliances, consumer packaged goods, furniture, aerospace parts, chemicals, medical equipment and more. Our e-commerce solutions utilize our digital ecosystem to manage seasonal surges and special fulfillment processes, like order personalization.

With us, you get inventory and order accuracy and greater visibility into logistics processes to maintain open, ongoing communications. We’ll help reduce costs, improve your customer service capabilities and provide increased flexibility in dealing with market conditions and delivery requirements.

Customized Logistics Solutions

As your partner, we’re committed to developing strategic, customized logistics solutions throughout the supply chain to consistently ensure the quality and safety of your products. These solutions include:

  • Warehousing services such as order management, reverse logistics, and packaging
  • Retail distribution services
  • Transportation solutions moving goods inbound and outbound
  • Multi-modal distribution operations, including order consolidation and just-in-time scheduling
  • Dedicated facilities
  • Dedicated fleets

Reduce the complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers. We can combine integrated logistics, warehousing and global transportation services. We offer everything you need to create a customized, integrated solution designed to put your products in front of the supply chain.

B2C Services

We offer a unique direct to customer model for our registered members.

NEW as of 2020!

Unique private member services
Safe & Secure Delivery Services
Cost Savings

Welcome VIP Members

We have created a new private direct-to-customer model for our registered members. Members will be able to purchase products directly from the private members-only online store and all products are shipped from our own fulfillment and distribution center.

As a member, you now have incredible buying power and can experience savings by purchasing products through the Apex member portal. You save because Apex eliminates the hidden store markups associated with typical retail and Internet buying.

Our team will help with order placement and order tracking to ensure you receive your merchandise as quickly as possible. All products will ship directly to your home.

Royalty Benefits

We have leveraged our decades of experience in logistics in creating the direct-to-consumer membership model. In addition to the products that our members will have access to, members will also share in the monthly royalty rewards. We have assigned a portion of the combined profits from product sales and our logistics business to be traded on the new crypto marketplace. Our experienced traders benefit daily by speculating on cryptocurrency price movements and we offer these profits to our members by the way of royalties. To participate, each member will sign a “loan” agreement indicating that they wish to receive monthly royalties from their loans. Members will also receive sales commissions and matching bonuses on all their sales. For more information, register on the private members portal to get started.


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We are a unique group comprised of global logistics, B2B & B2C markets, and cryptocurrency trading royalties shared with our VIP members.

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