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The Apex Management Group is a unique consortium of technology and trade professionals with the goal to deliver high-end trading platforms and leverage the limitless potential of cryptocurrency markets. We promise to deliver some of the best-kept secrets in the industry and offer it exclusively to our VIP members. Private access is given to our VIP members to use our superior trading platform. What sets us apart from our competitors is our deep understanding of what is needed to succeed. The combination of pricing, execution speed, cutting-edge platform, customer support, and market analysis are the key ingredients that give our members the confidence to be a part of the system. It is our firm commitment to excellence that will make us the leading platform of choice. Apex Management Group is a Barbados Corporation.


Private access is given to our VIP Members to use our superior trading platform.


Exceptional service, powerful offering.
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Smart Arbitrage Trading

The Apex Management Group was founded by a highly specialised team with backgrounds in Finance, FOREX and Technology. Created to help clients pursue their financial goals, we proudly offer transparent access to a powerful trading platform, exceptional execution speed, and top-notch customer service.

We continually strive to evolve our offering to ensure that we deliver a service that is far superior to anything else on the market. Smart traders make smart decisions, so become a VIP Member today and experience the difference.

The Apex Management Group has democratized high-frequency trading on the most well-known digital asset platforms by leveraging integrations through APIs. Apex tools and technology are simple enough for any trader to use, yet robust enough to power some of the world’s most advanced automated trading algorithms.

By making automated trading a valuable part of every crypto trader’s toolkit, Apex is enabling pioneers in fintech — from cryptocurrency hobbyists to emerging institutional leaders — to create ingenious automated trading strategies.

Our Values

At Apex, it is important for us to provide complete transparency in an often-cloudy industry. That is why we go over and above to make ourselves available to fulfill the needs of our VIP Members and continue to deliver an exceptionally reliable service.

Understanding that our members’ trust must be earned is what sets us apart from others. As such, we stand to offer our VIP Members the best service possible, actively promoting integrity and ethical practices throughout the trading industry.

As Bitcoin experiences vertigo-inducing gains, cryptocurrencies are breaking out of a period where they followed or even lagged behind traditional markets. In fact, prices in the crypto market are seeing such a steep upward trend that arbitrage traders are able to trade between exchanges to easily capture profit. Higher crypto volatility means traders are seeing more opportunities to make money.

VIP Services

We offer a private trading platform for our registered members.

NEW as of 2020!

Unique private member services
Daily Royalties
Refer Friends. Earn Bitcoin

Welcome VIP Members

We provide a private, invite-only, referral trading platform to our VIP members. Free registration gives you access to a detailed and web-based trading dashboard. You may choose the package that is suitable to trading activities and goals and earn daily royalties.

You also receive a unique replicated site in order to invite others to participate in the platform. When your new invitee clicks your special referral link, they are forever linked to you as your referral for the life of the program and you will continually earn matching bonuses on their royalties.

As a VIP member, our platform enables you to earn unlimited profits and passive income. We will support you every step along the way with all the necessary materials, training, a back-office ticketing system, and fast support through our social channels.

Royalty Benefits

We have everything required to help our clients earn money in the financial markets. We are also ready to reward those who want to help others earn.

We have leveraged our decades of experience and with the careful market analysis, we are able to execute trades on the new crypto marketplace. Our experienced traders benefit daily by speculating on cryptocurrency price movements and we offer these profits to our members by the way of royalties. To participate, each member will sign a “loan” agreement indicating that they wish to receive monthly royalties from their loans. Members will also receive sales commissions and matching bonuses on all their sales. For more information, register on the private members portal to get started.


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    The Apex Management Group is a registered corporation in Barbados, located at 1 Upper Mount Brevitor, St Peter, Barbados.

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